Beanpod Photography | Once Upon a Time in the World - February

Once Upon a Time in the World - February

March 01, 2016  •  1 Comment

This month for the Once Upon a Time in the World challenge our time was 12:15 pm. I shot little during the week while working from home during a cold and dreary month but I made a point of taking my camera out on the weekends. My favourite capture was this one of my daughter. We went for a walk in a place we go often but she wanted to take a side trail we have never and ended up at this train yard. It is the storage for a historical train that runs in the warmer month and also where they do train restorations. Really she wanted nothing to do with getting her picture taken but she spotted a group of teenaged girls at the other end and I had my chance.


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And here are everyone's favourites for the month:





Wow! I love the perspective here and I love how you put it in b&w.
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