Beanpod Photography | Once Upon a Time in Our World - November

Once Upon a Time in Our World - November

December 07, 2016  •  1 Comment

Oh, November! In my world this month it meant shooting and editing, shooting and editing and editing, editing, editing! This month's time was 2:15 PM and I think it was at the very end of the month that I finally took a few pictures for me. At 2:15 in my world the only activity in the house was one very lazy cat!

The end is in sight though... all my client's holiday cards have been delivered and I am just finishing up the last few editing sessions before there are quieter times ahead! Be sure to continue the blog circle starting with my incredibly talented friend at Kellie Brindley Photography in beautiful Washington state.



Here is everyone's take on 2:15 PM




Yay for getting everything completed! Your cat photos are just perfect!
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