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"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn" ~ Hal Borland

March 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I am not sure I believe this quote at the moment but one can dream! The winter just keeps on coming and seems like it will never end some days. I find it difficult to stay inspired when the days are dark and short. The days have been longer starting this week but the clouds and the snow remain. Since the new year started I have been working on a weekly project with a group of photographers where we document our Sundays. It's a nice way to be sure I pull out my camera for personal reasons at least once a week. Here were everyone's submissions for this last Sunday - week 10. Proof that it's not winter everywhere!


November 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Our community has suffered some tragic losses these past few weeks. A mother of three young boys, a teenager not even halfway through high school and a young adult all gone from their loved ones lives much too soon. In a small town like ours, these losses hit hard. You see and feel the pain of their family members, friends, co-workers and neighbours and it all hits so close to home. You see their parents, their children and their spouses trying to put back together a life that will never be the same.


I saw a blog post from another photographer this week and she stressed the importance of being in photos with your family and kids. I had a photo session done this summer with my daughter that I had been putting off for years. I thought I would wait until I was happy with how I looked or I found the perfect outfit, perfect idea, or any excuse really! Then my daughter turned ten this summer and I suddenly felt this pressure of time. How did she get to be ten? While I do get my husband to take a few of us every now and again the last time we actually had photos done was just after her second birthday. Included with the session was a small photo book that I received in the mail a couple of days ago and I have looked at it at least twenty times. Am I happy with how I look in every photo? No - the photos are gorgeous but of course I find things to criticize. Why did I wear that dress, why was I sitting like that. But I am thrilled to have them and I know when my daughter looks at this book, today or ten or twenty years from now she is not going to think about how much I weighed or what I wore but I think she will remember how much time we have spent down at that river together and maybe she will even remember how we were dancing and laughing during that session and had so much fun.


So today all I ask is to be thankful for who have near you. Enjoy the moments big and especially small. Be present - in photos, in life, for your kids, for your family and for you. 


Photo courtesy of the incredible Dana Lauder



Print, print, print!

September 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have been a negligent blogger this year but September and the start of a new school year always feels like a fresh start! One of my goals this year is to print more of my personal work. I love holding a print or canvas in my hand and bundling up a client's order always makes me happy. I am bad about printing my own work and when I do print they seem to sit in a stack in some corner of my house. I have a goal to create digital family albums this winter staring from when my daughter was born in 2007. This was also a goal last year and I managed to do a first year book going all the way to mid-2008!  If I double that speed this year maybe I will make it to her 3rd birthday :)


I do always look forward to this annual collage I shoot for a local dance school at their recital in June but I print a big poster for the dance studio to have it ready to welcome back all of the students.


Cheers to another year!!


"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language" ~Martin Buber

June 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A friend asked me if I could take some photos of a rescued Dachshund she was fostering to help her find her forever home. She was the sweetest little dog and all Sassy wants is gentle, loving owners who can spend lots of time with her and have a comfy lap. See her story here:



You never get a second chance to make a first impression

March 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I felt like a blog post was long overdue! January and February are definitely quiet months around Beanpod! Even though we had a pretty mild winter by Canadian standards I must admit it is not an inspirational time of year for me to get out and shoot. It is a good time for headshots as I tend to do them mostly indoors. Here are a few from the last little while. I love a session where I get to work one on one with people and headshots often involve an exciting change in someone's life!